Logbook Service

If you own a new car, you might think that you have to take it back to the dealer for servicing to keep your warranty valid. But that’s not true. You have the right to choose where you get your car serviced, as long as it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. That’s where Mortlake Automotive comes in. We are a licensed and qualified mechanic shop that can perform logbook servicing on any make and model of vehicle. Logbook servicing is a scheduled service that follows the manufacturer’s guidelines and requirements for your car. It ensures that your car is running safely and efficiently, and that your warranty is protected.

At Mortlake Automotive, we use genuine or equivalent parts, oils and fluids that match the original specification of your car. We also stamp your logbook as a record of the service, so you can keep track of your car’s maintenance history. Whether you need a 10K, 40K or any other logbook service, you can trust Mortlake Automotive to do it right. We offer transparent pricing and quoting, convenient opening hours and a friendly and professional service. Choose Mortlake Automotive for your logbook servicing needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.