Smart Start Interlocks

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable alcohol interlock device for your vehicle? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are an authorised Smart Start Interlocks fitter in Mortlake, and we can help you get back on the road safely and legally.

Smart Start Interlocks is a leading provider of alcohol interlock devices in Australia. They have years of experience in helping drivers separate drinking from driving. Their products meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy and are approved by the state authorities for the mandatory alcohol interlock programs.

We offer installation and servicing of two types of Smart Start Interlocks devices: the SSI 20/20™ and the SSI 20/30™. Both devices are designed to prevent your vehicle from starting if you have alcohol on your breath. They are easy to use, with a simple keypad and a clear display. They also have a camera unit that records every test, so you can prove that it was you who took the test.

The SSI 20/20™ is a basic device that meets the national and international standards for alcohol interlock devices. It is suitable for most vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles and fleet vehicles. It has a low cost and a fast installation and service time.

The SSI 20/30™ is a new device that offers some additional features, such as wireless data transfer, GPS tracking, voice guidance and tamper detection. It is ideal for drivers who want more convenience and security. It also meets the stringent NHTSA and European CENELEC standards for alcohol interlock devices.

Whether you need an alcohol interlock device for a court order, a licence condition, a voluntary program or a commercial application, we can help you choose the right device for your needs and budget. We have an extensive network of service centres across Australia, so you can always find one near you. We also provide friendly and helpful customer service, as well as online tools to manage your program.

Don’t let a DUI ruin your life. Contact us today to book your installation and get back on the road with Smart Start Interlocks.

  • Authorised Smart Start Interlocks fitter Mortlake

    We supply and fit Smart Start Interlocks alcohol ignition interlock devices. We provide both the SSI 20/20™ and the new SSI 20/30™. Both products meet stringent Australian and worldwide standards including NHTSA and European CENELEC. Our professional Automotive Technicians provide installation and servicing of Alcohol Interlocks to the offender market Alcohol Interlock programs. Commercial and voluntary interlocks can be installed. An additional camera unit finally put to rest the question of “Who took the test?”

    We offer installation of our interlock devices to commercial and fleet vehicles, heavy vehicles and motorcycles. Supporting our products is an extensive network of service agents committed to providing friendly, helpful and quality installations and service for state Alcohol Interlock program requirements to help SEPARATE DRINKING FROM DRIVING.™